waterfront eiland Juist - DE
multiple assignment Design of a landmark for the new port of the Island of Juist. Part of the assignment is making a vision for future planning development and tourism on the island with the aim to improve the relationship between the village, the harbor and the shallows. The design of the landmark is an elaboration of this vision. I.c.w. Jos Roodbol architect

the red village

Wadden Island
transport by horse

isolated location
Bathing guests were formerly landed from boats by rail across a pier ( "Seebrücke ").

The Seebrücke is washed away and replaced by a port. A new seawall in 1984 blocks the relationship between the village, the harbor and tidal flats.

recovery of the spatial and functional relationship between the village, harbor and tidal flats

The former Seebrücke is the inspiration for the new landmark. It consists of an installation with a track on the new pier that ends at the foot of the dike with a wooden hangar and at the harbor entrance with a statue. In an annual festival - as the opening of tourist season - the villagers drive the horse on the track from the warehouse to the harbor mouth. Functionally, spatially and culturally to village, harbor and tidal flats linked.

the hangar
A wooden hangar, built on pilings at the harbor is a safe winter storage for the horse. In summer, the building serves as pavilion, village hall, exhibition space, café, gazebo, etc.

the horse
The Seebrücke is marked by a large sculpture that consists of a layered metal silhouette of a white horse to 9 meters high. The horse is the symbol of Juist: transport animal, dyke guard and the weapon of Nedersaksen. The prominent location at the mouth of the harbor viewed from different positions and weather conditions - the Wadden Sea, the harbor, dike and village - an ever changing view.

The building consists of a timber, the walls are covered with trellis. A circular staircase leads to a space with spectacular views.

The former marina is not muted but offers space for a floating hotel. The harbor shall be thereby vivid.

The new marina shall be equipped with pontoons, that move with the tides.

floating hotel

floating hotel

the event area
Facing south and sheltered by the dike is a large field - the event area. The field overlooks the harbor and tidal flats. The dam serves as a stand during major events.

the tidal flats
Each year, the sludge dredged from the harbor and deposited on sludge fields. These fields have been constructed in the form of a park, where the various stages of Farlands an additional tourist attraction forms.


the tidal flats

the new Juist
The relationship between the village, harbor and tidal flats shall be revived. New narrow residential streets leading from the village to the existing dike, which is transformed into a boulevard with dike houses.